Dream Themes

I’ve never had a recurring dream, but I’ve had recurring themes in dreams:

Finding money – on the street, in a house, wherever, I come upon coins and dollars, sometimes they look like regular money, other times they don’t, but it’s this sudden, mysterious good fortune. Usually I wake up right after this, before I can spend it or even gather it all.

Flight – Oh, I wish I still had these. So beautiful sometimes. That feeling of leaving the ground, of willing myself into the air. Still, I remember having a dream conversation with my grandmother in her kitchen and her fussing at me for flying while she was trying to impart wisdom or something. In some of the dreams, I was struggling to get off the ground, knew I had the potential, but would fly and fall, fly and fall. I remember another time looking down at the grass below and seeing my own shadow, whole and unconnected to anything.

Caught – In these dreams, I’ve done something bad – lied, stolen something, cheated someone, (or on someone), and I’m just about to get found out when I wake up, guilt giving way to gratitude that it wasn’t real.